Who We Are?

Our Mission

At Windham History, we have always been guided by our core values of honesty, integrity, hard work, reliability and compassion.

This underlying philosophy compels us to treat everyone with respect and courtesy as we deliver prompt attention to their needs. We believe in giving best exposure to everyone, working hard to earn visitor trust, and keeping our commitments while striving to exceed your expectations at every turn.

Making it Fun For The Entire Family

Bringing 20 yrs. of experience in creating and presenting the beauty and tranquility of a natural setting.

We offer you a clean and safe environment to enjoy the nature, historical places and animals at the ranch all year long. It’s truly an experience for the whole family. And, you’ll leave caring for the nature just as our anchestors did.


We are a all-volunteer, nonpartisan, non-profit, educational organization, serving visitors of Windham since 10 years. We currently have 56 active  volunteers.

Our aim is to foster better understanding of important historical issues of Windham, stimulate constructive discussion for the betterment of Windham, and promote responsible citizen participation.


Our Services

We offer a variety of activities to engage local communities of Windhamon on historical issues including:

  • Sponsoring and co-sponsoring lectures and video series on Windham History
  • Promoting Windham history and organizing discussion groups
  • Organizing Windham Quest and similar activities
  • Disseminating educational materials on Windham history
  • Arranging offers of hospitality for foreign visitors to Windham
  • Assisting groups and individuals to develop Windham tourism
  • We have a strong collaborative relationships with the Library, School, and College.